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    3 - 10 September 2023

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  • "I have just returned home after a beautiful week in Alentejo Portugal. I could not have drawn a better picture or written a more perfect story of how that week could have been.


    The content was so clear and delivered by Geraldine in such a deep compassionate way that my heart grew softer and bigger with each new day. I discovered so much about myself and learnt to open my heart and share.


    I would like to truly and sincerely encourage anyone searching or needing self love, alone time for inner self, nourishing of the mind, body and spirit, to offer this wonderful gift to yourself. I am so grateful that I did. Thank you to all involved in ensuring such a special experience. "


    Lisa (Australia & Portugal) - Open Mind Retreat 2018

    "More than expecting.... I was not expecting the deep insights and transformations which came as a result of this Open Mind Retreat. A balance of deep meditations, yoga, and inspirational open heart mindfulness teachings made the opportunity for personal growth and life enrichment.


    Fabulous guidance and support from Geraldine, the course provider. It is a truly experiential process. I’m over 60. The group was all ages, all of us on a similar path. This particular course focused on open heart open mindfulness.


    Quite frankly, the best retreat ever, and all taking place in a glorious setting of rural Portugal. Great food, some nice time out at nearby beaches, and much slow time with the natural beauty of the retreat. Can’t praise the course highly enough."


    Allyson (UK) - Open Mind Retreat 2018

    "I was curious and a bit resistant in the beginning as being a down-to-earth engineer. In a day or two I began opening up and as days went by the retreat center became my home. After a while I understood why people come back to this retreat.


    That atmosphere is so magical I feel the urge to recreate it around me - I never ever in my life felt so safe and beautiful and openhearted as there, surrounded by the wonderful souls of the group.


    The teaching I learnt was spiritual but also based on cognitive science and these two things now are connected in my mind, it was a real eye-opener. The place itself is an ancient paradise with so pure energy! The food was amazing. The massage was the first in my life which was truly spiritual.


    I have kept continuing yoga and meditation practice ever since I came home. I am very grateful! Namaste"


    Anna (Poland) - Open Mind Retreat 2018

    "An amazing week, that will remain forever in my soul, spirit & heart. Extraordinary organization and content, from practice to theory, meditation, yoga, delightful food in a beautiful place.


    I have learned so much about myself as an individual, whilst being part of a fantastic diverse group of people coming from all part of Europe. Thank you so much A Lotus Seed, and thank you Geraldine for being such a kind, loving, knowledgeable and compassionate person.


    I would definitely recommend anyone still hesitating in joining one of your retreat to go for it!​"


    Melanie Golay Sunier (Switzerland)- New Year's Retreat 2017

    "This retreat was life changing for me. I met beautiful souls and minds including mine :) Geraldine and the entire team were doing an exceptional job at making us feel comfortable. Food was amazing healthy. I can recommend this experience to everyone who is seeking a deeper connection.​"


    Fabian-Carlos Guhl (Germany) - New Year's Retreat 2017

  • What will you learn?

    See if you can read this with an open mind though as what you will learn will depend on the intention you set in the beginning of the retreat on what may arise in the moment.... this retreat is foremost an experience.
    The outcome of this investigation is OPEN to receive what one needs in this moment in life.


    • opening awareness to observe narratives, thoughts, beliefs
    • unraveling the mind-body mechanisms
    • open vs focused awareness and the role in creativity and connecting to intuition
    • stepping into a state of expansion while also embracing the stories to access your gifts
    • learning the art of being present


    • opening the body to receive information & guidance
    • restoring balance in the body as a gateway for an open mind
    • observing the influence of mental and emotional states on the physical body
    • walking meditation, Hatha yoga (morning) and yin/nidra yoga (afternoon) or meditative dancing (optional)


    • opening to feelings and their functions in guiding your path
    • observing the true nature of emotions: non-self, impermanent, feedback loop
    • learning how to allow feelings and moods to flow without being stuck in the content or reactions
    • learning the role of subconscious mind and old emotions in developing an open mind
    • trusting your intuition & trusting yourself


    • tapping into the open feelings of gratitude, compassion, shared joy, equanimity, and loving kindness
    • opening to a deeper knowing - vertical and horizontal energy
    • opening to the universal guidance 
    • interconnectedness & opening to flows, feelings, senses, narratives, information without the need to fix or change, but integrating with your heart energy

    The gift

    • having a deep sense of your gifts, unique vibes and function in this world
    • accessing shadows to integrate on your path
    • seeing the subconscious mechanisms that drive your actions
    • creating visions of a life closely aligned to your heart
    • activating your adventurous rebel side
    • taking actions in creating the life you want 


    • learning to tap into the adaptive brain network and implications for the open mind state
    • tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system
    • storing positive experiences in memory to create new neural traces
    • learning to soothe the heart rhythm pattern 
    • activating the soothing system for the release of oxytocin
  • "The retreat was a truly profound, beautiful and powerful experience. I have been meditating and attending retreats for many years but found this one particularly helpful.


    What did I love? Staying in a quiet, wild, peaceful haven of nature; eating the most delicious and healthy food prepared with love; doing daily yoga with wonderful teacher Anna; being with like minded souls.


    But above all, the teachings and meditations with Geraldine who has such wisdom beyond her years, so much insight, clarity, groundedness and humanity.


    After following the path and meditating for many years, something finally truly clicked about how we create own suffering and can free ourselves. I can’t thank Geraldine enough."


    Sara Jane Lawer (UK) - Open Mind Retreat 2018

    "This was the second retreat for me with Geraldine. It was incredibly interesting for me to observe the different stages and states of mind and heart between the first and the second retreat.


    Each was incredibly powerful in its own way and brought me big steps closer to myself.

    During the Open heart retreat I really experienced the sense of freedom and joy that arises from being unafraid of being truly me.


    The space that Geraldine creates is a safe space free of judgement and immensely welcoming. During the retreat I have the time and space and depth to explore deeper in all the places where I get stuck.

    And I was incredibly blessed to have intuitions during the retreat on how to get a bit more “unstuck”.


    I have only words of awe and gratitude and after 10 days I am still on a high ☺️

    Thank you Geraldine. Thank you to all the participants and companions on this journey."


    Claudia (Italy) - Open Mind Retreat 2018

    "The heart retreat made connect with my body again, my breath, but also with my insecurities and pains. Géraldine helped me plant a seed to deal differently with them, to speak another language with myself.

    To stop to seek control and generate more selfloathing and conflict, and instead give yourself the tolerance, trust and love you would give to a loved one.


    The location is gorgeous, but the most outstanding aspect of this retreat is the integrity, knowledgeability and care of the trainer.​"


    Camille Ghekiere (Belgium) - Rewilding Heart Retreat - April 2018

    "Geraldine has the gift of teaching

    which feels authentic.

    I feel she is expressing a lifestyle

    not just teaching from a text book.

    I feel blessed to have

    had this amazing experience.

    I would highly recommend her retreats.

    The location was also breath taking."


    Maggie Godden (UK) - Open Mind Retreat 2018

    I had the most wonderful week in Portugal. I came with a troubled mind and left a happier person with a lot of clear insights and tools, not only to deal with difficult feelings, but also to better appreciate the beautiful moments. This week opened up my mind and my heart. I have met some beautiful people and the combination of morning yoga, mindfulness sessions and time to relax and let everything sink in is really nice. Also the beautiful location and the tasty food make this week absolutely recommendable.


    An (Belgium) - Mindfulness retreat - October 2016

    .... An joined again in the Radiant Heart Retreat - October 2017


    A full-body experience for your mind & heart to open and your body to remember.


    Open Mind sessions - Sitting and walking meditations will be alternated by sharings, reflections, context and some silent moments to integrate some insights deeper.


    Daily Yoga sessions - Hatha flow in the mornings for an active freshness, Nidra or Yin yoga in the afternoons for deep relaxation - occasionally also another body movement type may be present in the afternoon like intuitive dancing.


    Optional massages to release blockages and enter deep relaxation


    Free afternoons to explore the cute villages and beaches around, or chill in the 75ha garden, sauna or bio-pool.


    Delicious vegetarian/vegan food buffets - organic, very tasty and mostly from the own garden!


    An amazing community of people with different backgrounds, dreams and hearts - both total beginners and experienced meditators and yogis, are welcome. In this journey we go beyond the 'knowing'. Life as it is. Simply. Here.

  • "I attended the April retreat in Portugal, and it was just everything I had hoped it would be. I had a truly nourishing week full of compassion and selfcompassion, in an amazingly beatiful nature location, filled with silence, nature sounds and beautiful views.


    Geraldine guided us into meditations that helped me break down important barriers towards myself. All of this in a very natural fluent way. I experienced a lot of freedom to follow my own rhythm, to be silent when wanted, to engage in group activities when wanted. It was actually pure joy to me, even though sometimes I was processing some grief.


    The pictures and movies on the website give a true representation of the retreat as it is. I would say, if it appeals to you, take your chance, it is really worth it!"


    Lore Verdin - Rewilding Heart Retreat - April 2018

    "It was a very special week for me. A week that concluded a very special year. More and more I realize the difference between a good spiritual guide/leader and a natural spiritual leader. The natural spiritual leader incorporates the words, the thoughts, and extrapolates it into a body of experience that comes from the heart to reach all hearts, from the body to reach all bodies, from the mind to reach all minds.


    You are, Geraldine, a natural spiritual leader. And I feel blessed to have had the beautiful opportunity of knowing you, seeing you, and feeling you. As Pema Chadron says: "Nothing ever leaves you untill it teaches you what you need to know".


    This week with you and the group have helped me immensely to tune my "bodies" and my heart, and to open up to learning more. You contributed a great deal to my path towards liberation and breaking chains. Thank you."


    Claudia (Italy)- New Years Retreat 2017

    "MAGIC!!! Although I already did a lot of workshops/courses but the content of this course was new to me and very appealing & inspiring. Geraldine adapted the content and the pace to the group, which was amazing.


    The location was absolutely magic. The food was nourishing for body & soul. With so many, so different people Geraldine and the team managed extremely well to have a loving & caring group dynamic. It was heartwarming to connect deeper and I felt really safe.


    The possibility of having a massage was a gift from heaven! I very much enjoyed the yoga classes by Ana, especially the yin yoga. The location were the yoga took place was really amazing, and I enjoyed the energy of sunrise/sunset even more!


    My 3 personal intentions for this retreat at the beginning of the week all came true: connect with others, self care, more clarity about my life goals. I even got a bonus: since I long time I was able to really FEEL again and not to be scared when I feel an emotion coming up... this made me stop smoking finally (I liked to literally burn my emotions before because I was so scared to be overwhelmed).


    Conclusion: I left Portugal with a radiant heart full of love, compassion, hope and inspiration, for which I am so grateful and A Lotus Seed deserves all the credits for this, THANKS!"


    Jessy Zander - Radiant Heart Retreat - October 2017

    "Joining a retreat of meditation and yoga was for me a first experience.

    I expected that week to get to know myself, but also to avoid a physical and psychic reaction of overwork. During my 20 years of professional independence, I put myself fully at the service of my clients and I put my couple, my friends and myself after them.


    Through meditations I discovered features of my personality that I was not aware of. Géraldine knows very well how to guide through meditations. Her tips made me dive deep inside me. The theoretical part before or after each session helped me to understand my reactions and emotions. Yoga, more energizing in the morning and calmer in the evening, supported me in my request.


    It's been two weeks since I came back and, against all odds, I still enjoy this positive energy, and most importantly, I learned to respect myself and listen to myself. I can better balance my private and my professional lives.

    This retreat has completely changed my life, my perception of what is really important. I cannot thank enough Geraldine and Anna for allowing me to become aware of what really matters to me in my life.


    I was also lucky to find myself in a group of wonderful people. A big thank you also to all the participants for their kindness, their tolerances and their love.

    A big thank you also to the whole team of the retreat center who, with their smile, their kindness, their wonderful vegetarian cooking makes you feel like being at home. This place is a magical place, away from everything, in the heart of nature ... a real haven of peace and serenity."


    Anouk Thill (Luxembourg) - Rewilding Heart Retreat - April 2018


    "I had the feeling no words could describe how I had experienced my first mindfulness retreat. After the retreat I actually physically felt my heart had grown and I'm accepting my thoughts and feelings with more openness and gentleness. I'm very grateful for this experience!!"


    Fleur Naudts (Belgium) - Mindfulness Retreat 2016

    - Fleur joined again in the Radian Heart Retreat 2017


  • Why is this retreat different?

    Beyond tips and tricks

    Instead of striving for ‘a better version of yourself’, we value a process of deeper practices to connect with an open awareness to deal with the waves of life, sometimes in joy, sometimes in pain… We learn how to enter states of expansion while also respecting the states of contraction as a way of growing and learning. We believe we can only grow out of acceptance and recognition with what we encounter.


    This retreat is developed out of an experience working with +3000 persons and out of different paths and practices combining

    • mindfulness-based meditation (mbsr-mbct) 
    • mindful self-compassion (msc), and positive neuro-plasticity meditation practices. ​
    • deep ancient Buddhism (Theravada and Tibetan) and neuropsychology
    • with a twist of energy- emotional- and body-work
    • combined with the magic of intuition & a bigger field

    There are also daily yoga sessions (hatha, nidra, and yin), sauna sessions and the opportunity to get healing massages.

    A relaxed & deep inner journey

    This retreat is a journey within yourself but between the sessions you have time to enjoy being together with others, or in nature, go to the beach, take a massage, make a walk, take a swim or a sauna… Check the timetable beneath under 'practicals'.

    Looking deeply enough

    An open mind awareness is a simple, mild and honest observation, stripped of interpretation. Because it is not always easy ‘to see’ what we observe, our mind starts interpreting, evaluating, and projecting again, … During this retreat you will also learn to unravel the mechanisms of your subconscious, so that you can gain a deeper insight.

    Skill training

    Our stories have value but here we also learn to observe our narratives, feelings, moods and senses. This allows us to arrive in the here and now, and to master the new skills. The retreat is filled with experience-based practices.

  • "Having avoided being confronted with myself and my feelings for most of my life this week was exactly what I needed and maybe subconsciously looked for: A week of bliss yet work on myself.


    The retreat was excellent in every way from beginning till end: the organization, the duration, the remote location in a stunning environment, the delicious and nutritious food, the daily meditation and reflection sessions with Geraldine, the daily yoga sessions , the option to get a Reiki massage as well as the love and care from all the people at the retreat center and in the group.


    I came with the idea to take a week off for some relaxation, slowing down and disconnecting from my daily life, including the Internet. I returned more connected to myself and with the realization that I can create my own “safe haven”.


    I had hoped to find answers to questions I never really dared to ask and left with insights about myself that go beyond these questions.


    Thank you for everyone, who helped, guided or just surrounded me during this journey! It would have not been possible without you."


    Sylvie Rockel from Brussels - October 2017


    "I learned that these processes are not dreamy, but hands-on, intense and impactful. I learned to embrace both my focus and my distractions, to accept what the moment brings without judgment. I found new directions in life but more importantly I rediscovered myself in so many ways. I see myself with much more focus now than I have ever done before. That is the biggest gift I received”


    Arne Bakker (Holland) - April 2016

    The meditation week has started a whole process inside me. My awareness increased. I'm noticing more my emotions and thoughts. I learned giving space to emotions and experienced the usefulness of it. I learned to find peace!

    Ineke from Belgium - Mindfulness Retreat - April 2016





    On my first retreat, I enjoyed the space of breathing, the strength of feeling & acceptance, the freedom of being, the joy of silence, the beauty of nature, the experience of self-compassion… I feel very grateful for it. Thank you for making me discover the mindfull path of meditation and teach me that above the mountain there is a sky that represents gentleness & kindness!

    Katia (Belgium) - Mindfulness Retreat - April 2016 - October 2016

    .... Katia joined again in the retreats of 2017 in Portugal and France

    What I learned during the week is that thoughts and feelings are impermanent, imperfect and don't identify me. This insight brings an invaluable openness and calm into life!


    The location is wonderful, it felt like the hills ware giving you a hug, creating a safe cradle for being at ease.


    There was a good build up during the week, delving deeper and deeper into the "open mind" concept in practice and theoretical context without the emphasis being too much on one or the other.


    The sharing was valuable as was the alone time. The balance of those moments meant you could learn/be inspired by others but also focus on your own reasons for being there, your own "path".


    Katrien (Belgium) - Open Mind Retreat 2018

  • For who ?

    This retreat is for everyone who wants to gift him/herself a week of inner process, deeper insights, meditative practices, and taking care of oneself while enjoying a beautifull environment, nature, and community feeling.
    But it's not for everyone...

    This retreat is for you if...

    • If you value deeper learnings  and would like to learn the art of being present and coming home
    • But also want to grow from the challenges on your path
    • If  you want to experience a beautiful process within yourself and with others, on a magical place, in the middle of nature, …
    • If you are willing to see things of yourself - your core, why you do certain things, your patterns (thinking and doing patterns), … while also connecting with an intuition beneath. 
    • And realize that this also requires a certain commitment and willingness to step into a process ...

    Then you are welcome to this retreat!

    This retreat is not for you if...

    • You are looking for an instant peace of mind... The practices on the retreat are part of a process and are not a quick fix
    • If you're not interested in practicing and experimenting 
    • If your English is not well enough to understand everything that is said and communicate with others in the group
  • A Lotus Seed retreat in the news


    Publico, RTP, Time Out Lisboa


    Time Out Lisboa and newspaper Publico documented A Lotus Seed events with an article about meditation. And also RTP made a reportage about Meditation in the park in Lisbon.

    This session was part of a series of meditations in the parks of Gent, Brussels and Lisbon in summer.


    Goed Gevoel, Liberale Mutualiteit

    Melanie described her first Lotus Seed retreat experience in a Belgian Lifestyle Magazine 'Goed Gevoel'.

    Liberale Mutualiteit (a health fund in Belgium) found it was time to introduce its members to mindfulness too - read here more here on p. 14 and 15.

  • Watch

    Memories of past mindfulness and heartfulness retreats in Portugal ♡

    See more videos of the retreat here ....

  • Connect

    Happy to connect with you on info@alotusseed.org or on whatsapp +32478135069

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Gegevens inzien, aanpassen of verwijderen 
Je hebt het recht om je persoonsgegevens in te zien, te corrigeren of te verwijderen. Daarnaast heb je het recht om je eventuele toestemming voor de gegevensverwerking in te trekken of bezwaar te maken tegen de verwerking van jouw persoonsgegevens door A Lotus Seed en heb je het recht op gegevensoverdraagbaarheid. Dat betekent dat je bij ons een verzoek kan indienen om de persoonsgegevens die wij van jou beschikken in een computerbestand naar jou of een ander, door jou genoemde organisatie, te sturen. 

Je kunt een verzoek tot inzage, correctie, verwijdering, gegevensoverdraging van je persoonsgegevens of verzoek tot intrekking van je toestemming of bezwaar op de verwerking van jouw persoonsgegevens sturen naar info@alotusseed.org.

Om er zeker van te zijn dat het verzoek tot inzage door jou is gedaan, vragen wij jou een kopie van je identiteitsbewijs met het verzoek mee te sturen. Maak in deze kopie je pasfoto, paspoortnummer en rijksregisternummer zwart. Dit ter bescherming van je privacy. We reageren zo snel mogelijk, maar binnen vier weken, op jouw verzoek .

Hoe wij persoonsgegevens beveiligen
A Lotus Seed neemt de bescherming van jouw gegevens serieus en neemt passende maatregelen om misbruik, verlies, onbevoegde toegang, ongewenste openbaarmaking en ongeoorloofde wijziging tegen te gaan. Als jij het idee hebt dat jouw gegevens toch niet goed beveiligd zijn of er aanwijzingen zijn van misbruik, neem dan contact op via info@alotusseed.org

Bedankt voor het vertrouwen, 
A Lotus Seed.