• Imagine the possibilities that become available when you would feel...

    ...free in your mind 

    being able to stop the slavery of the addictive mind

    while creating space for new opportunities.


    ...at ease with to your emotional world 

    to make choices from the heart

    instead of the old habitual reaction patterns


    ... in touch with your body 

    so you can see your body's signals as a gateway to deep wisdom

    instead of a 'burden' you want to get rid of


    Coming home to yourself 

    with wonder and curiosity

    enjoying the beautiful (big and small) things in life,

    even if life is hard, challenging or daring at times


    ... then still seeing the possibilities of creation

    in connection with who you really are ...

  • Welcome!

    A complete program to surf the waves of life developed from working with groups and individuals in the field of:

    MBSR - mindfulness-based stress reduction

    MBCT - mindfulness-Based cognitive therapy

    MSC - mindful self-compassion

    Neuropsychology, body-based coaching and Eastern spirituality

    You will learn to

    ✓ observe and let go of thoughts

    ✓ break through the illusions of the mind and the mechanisms of stress

    ✓ dealing with external and internal stimuli

    ✓ train your brain in focus, clarity, flow, concentration, compassion and observational awareness

    ✓ connect to feelings without getting stuck in them

    ✓ recognize the functions of emotions and body sensations

    ✓ generate positive feelings and embrace uncomfortable feelings with acceptance and compassion

    ✓ create new possibilities in thinking, being and doing

    ✓ be more flexible in life

    ✓ cultivate a special form of attention to live a life with more freedom and intuition, even when storms hit the sea

  • 8 weeks overview

    An overview of some of the skills we learn over the course of eight weeks...


    Attention & Concentration

    • Mindfulness qualities
    • Origin and Buddhism
    • Attention for the moment, the breath, and benefits for life
    • Learning to observe and letting go of rumination
    • Difference between open and closed concentration
    • Brain - how to train concentration and let go of thoughts

    Resting in the body

    • The body as a door to deep rest and acceptance 
    • The importance of body awareness for burn-out, depression and the processing of emotions
    • Adaptive vs automatic mental modi and evolution of the brain
    • Brain - how to observe thoughts, emotions and body signals

    Growing in the body

    • Yoga and meditation in movement
    • Observing physical bounderies
    • Fixed vs growth mindset
    • The three subtle mechanisms of the mind and impact on interpretation and feeling states
    • Brain - how to cultivate gratitude and joy  

    Thoughts and stress

    • Difference between pain and suffering
    • Stress mechanisms, and prevention
    • Difference between acceptatance and committed intention/action
    • Acceptance vs letting go
    • Link with Eastern wisdom
    • Brain - how to deal with uncomfortable moments and feelings


    • Dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions
    • Acceptance, distraction and coping
    • The process of acceptance, time and space
    • Rest in the midst of emotions
    • Impact of trauma on stress and emotions in the present
    • Moment awareness
    • Brain - how to turn on the adaptive mental modi with emotions and stress

    Creativity, communication and groundedness

    • Observation and integration of thoughts, emotions, body and senses
    • Impact of moods
    • Groundedness and creativity 
    • Cognitive questioning of thoughts
    • Communicating from the body 
    • Brain - how the body responds in communication and the impact of posture

    Choosing for life

    • Self-inquiry of important life themes
    • Heartful listening to yourself and others
    • The importance of the heart, and sinking in deeper awareness
    • Recognizing stress and mood signals
    • Impact of self-care on the mental, emotional, physical and the spiritual body
    • Self-care wellbeing plan 

    Heart - self-compassion

    • Integration of different meditation forms
    • Meditative walking
    • Meditative movements
    • Heart meditation and activating heart neurons
    • Difference between empathy and compassion
    • Brain - how to cultivate qualities of compassion, love, and care for yourself and others
    • Conclusion 

    "I started the course from scratch, not knowing what was about to come. Soon it became clear that the course wasn't only about meditating, but that we could look at the practice from a much more broader perspective. A different way of looking at yourself and the world... Awareness about our own patterns of creating suffering and stress, thereby learning to break free from them. In short, standing in life with attention and learning to appreciate the little, daily moments. A training I can highly recommend with a super coach!" - Isabel de Groote


    Thanks to the immeasurable knowledge and expert explanation of Geraldine, I now realize how to let go of worry. I experience how fantastic it is to live in the moment. Thank you for sharing your life wisdom with the group. It were 8 unforgettable weeks. - Siska Degraer


    "I now understand myself better and understand the patterns we all share as a human beings. I deal with stress in a different way now, more relaxed. I was amazed by the insights this course gave me. A valuable gift that I will take with me for life. Thank you Geraldine for your deeply rooted wisdom ! " - Jan Van Haverbeke


    "This training has meant a lot to me. I see life differently. Look differently at what happens to me. I find peace and stability, something that was previously difficult due to my busy job and all responsibilities. These 8 weeks were more than a course in mindfulness. It went deep, and Geraldine certainly has something to do with it. Her authenticity and her gift to guide a variety of people makes this course different from other courses. Thank you for letting me experience this! "


    - Lieselot Ansele


    "A mindfulness training with Geraldine became a journey within myself, my mind, and my blocked patterns. I learned to observe thoughts and how not to always follow them. I learned to recognize emotions and how to listen to my body. My mind feels more clear and since a long time, I can enjoy the moment again" - Katrien Lievens

  • Who will be your guide on the path?

    Géraldine Gobert

    Hello! I'm Geraldine and I started A Lotus Seed with the believe that each of us is its own best teacher, but can use guidance in making the mind fit for its purpose. I believe in tackling the root cause instead of symptoms, and in learning to observe deeply enough to investigate inner and outer experiences. I believe in the plasticity of the brain, and the importance of connecting body with brain.


    I followed a 3-year teacher-training in mindfulness (MBCT-MBSR), a 2-year teacher-training in compassion (MSC), and a 3 year ICF-ACTP coaching program. Over the years I was also trained in neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, psychotherapy, stress management, integrative coaching, trauma therapy coaching, yoga (200h ytt) and reiki. At the Institute for Mindfulness I coordinated scientific research on mindfulness.


    Today I facilitate training and retreats for individuals and companies including Colruyt, Rogers Corporation, Odissee University of Brussels, CM, Liberal Mutuality, Province of West Flanders, Thomas More, Louis Vuitton, OCMW Bruges, Manager Magazine, ...


    Today I am also very grateful for all the wisdom of the guides on my path : Dr. Mark Williams - University of Oxford (UK), Christina Feldman & John Peacock - Insight Meditation Society (US), Dr. ir. Chris Germer - Harvard Medical School (US), Dr. ir. Kristin Neff - Center for Mindful Self-Compassion (US), Dr. David Dewulf - I AM (BE), Bhagsu Yoga Institute (India), Benjamin Ball and many Buddhist monks in Asia and Europe.


    I am looking forward to continue the path with you - are you joining ?


  • For who?

    A Lotus Seed training is designed for everyone who wants to allow more concentration, attention, creativity, connection, cognitive flexibility, compassion, equanimity, or insight, acceptance of emotions, flow, ....


    But not for anyone ...

    A Lotus Seed training is valuable for you if ...

    • If you would like to learn how to train your brain in different ways
    • If you want to be closer to your feelings to make effective choices
    • If you want to be more honest with yourself and others ...
    • And enjoy the moment and the beautiful things in life ...
    • If you are willing to see things about yourself (sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant) - your core, why you are doing or not doing certain things ...
    • And if you realize that this also requires an active commitment to step into a process and to train Then the training is definitely for you !!

    ... is not for you if...

    • You are looking for a quick pill to release stress and feel at ease - This practice is a process and not a 'quick fix'
    • You don't like to get to know yourself better
    • You are not interested in the mechanisms of mind, body and brain, Eastern philosophy or psychology
    • You don't feel like practicing or meditating regularly
    • You have ADD, or have some form of autism - because of the differences in information processing, adapted training courses are more effective. Contact me for more info!
  • Other participants...


    "I have learned to "be" instead of "do" over and over again. I now welcome everything with equanimity and kindness, even unpleasant things. I realized a lot of things change when we stop fighting against unpleasantness. This training has helped me to listen to what I really need, to live from my heart. It helps me to free myself from the part that kept me in captivity. Thank you for this wonderful experience. " - Nele Deconinck


    "For me, this training has changed my outlook on life and how I approach certain issues. By being more conscious in life, and by taking a different approach when it comes to communication, I feel that I deal with things differently.


    II try to be milder for myself and my immediate surroundings. When I meditate daily, I feel that this has a direct effect on my day.


    It is true that you cannot learn mindfulness from the books, but that you have to practice. you have to work on it in a practical way.


    Geraldine's approach also really appealed to me. Very well brought, with knowledge and lots of experience. The permanent link to neuroscience and the theoretical framework was also very interesting to me."


    - Sarah Volckaert



    "I followed a mindfulness training before but the way in which this training was given was very deepening and enlightening. I realized once again that practicing brings me a lot of peace and self-insight. Grateful for the way you convey this!"

    " - Wim de Paepe


    "I was really looking forward to coming to practice every week. The training has helped me to find myself again, to listen to my body and to become aware again that making time for myself is an absolute must. A compliment to Geraldine, who gave the training with passion and dedication. It was great!"


    - Valerie De Temmerman

    "Following a training with Geraldine, I learned useful tools and interesting insights which I'm still applying on a daily basis. She has impact and inspires. I admire her unprejudiced and mild attitude. Now I stand with much more attention and focus in life!"

    - Amaryllis Laenen

  • What makes this training unique?

    No blabla

    No superficial tips and tricks, no 'transformation to a better version of yourself' but a proven trajectory of deeper awareness to deal with life as it is, sometimes in joy and pleasure, sometimes in sadness or pain .... We can only grow out of acceptance, not from striving for 'something else and something better' that often causes more turmoil. When we accept life, we experience space in our mind and body to let the process unfold naturally.



    You receive a complete program to surf the waves of life - an integration of MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction), MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy), MSC (mindful self-compassion), neuropsychology and Eastern psychology. All layers of experience come to attention: thoughts, emotions, body, behavior, communication, thinking and doing patterns ...



    Mindfulness is not a theoretical construct or philosophy, it is an experiential practice. During the 8 weeks you will be guided in different meditations and exercises, after which you will be given a holistic framework of how the brain, thoughts, emotions and body are connected to each other. This allows you to better integrate the insights gained. After each session you also receive an email with audio exercises and syllabus, so that a direct translation for daily life follows.

    Learn to look deep enough


    Mindfulness is simple, mild and honest observation, stripped of interpretation. But sometimes what we observe is not easy to see, and so we start interpreting, evaluating, projecting, deriving, .... During this mindfulness training you will also learn to unravel the mechanisms of your subconscious, so that you will gain a deeper insight instead of doing symptom-management.

    Skills training


    We don't go into stories about the past, the future, who you think you are or who you're not. You will learn to observe your stories, beliefs and memories, without going along with the content of the story. This allows you to arrive in the here and now and to master the new skills.


    "Very interesting course. An eye-opener for me! In our society where everything has to be faster and best, it is a must to become aware about our thinking and feeling and our heart's desires. If you let yourself be guided then you will come to a lot of insights!.... Geraldine sets a good example and leads the group in a wonderful way and is able to put herself in all situations without falling into superficiality..."


    - Leen Borry


    "I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about it. I once read a book about mindfulness, but this is not the same at all. I actually did not realize how I lingered in my own thoughts and judgments. By following the 8 weeks I came to important insights."

    - Ludwig De Smet


    "I would definitly recommend this training for the practical knowledge and meditations which can be applied in daily life. What I have learned is to come home to myself. I also concentrate much better and I notice that I respond differently to situations now. It's worth it! "

    - Marie-Helene

    "I honestly did not know what I started when I enrolled in the course. Quite a few things had happened in my life and I wanted to learn something valuable for myself. I meditate daily now, although sometimes it is only a few minutes before I actually start my day. I experience more peace and in moments of stress I remember fragments of the wisdom that Geraldine and the fellow students taught me. The training has thaught me a lot and meanwhile my husband and I communicate in a much more open way than before. I am grateful for the smallest things I realize in my life, my path, my soul mission. I will continue to carry those 8 weeks within me while I continue my path. " - Mariska Curvers


    "I found the mindfulness training extremely valuable. It has changed my life. I take better care of myself and I am better able to deal with stressful moments. I am extremely grateful for this training and I certainly want to apply this further in the future. I definitly recommend following this training." - Linda Naessens

  • Dates

    Sunday evenings from 6 pm - 8.30 pm

    20 sept - 27 sept - 4 okt - 11 okt

    18 okt - 25 okt - 1 nov* - 8 nov


    * On the 1st of November there will be a session to follow with audio, video and workbook which you can follow anytime during the week (so no live online session).


    Any questions?

    +32478135069 (whatsapp)


    or scroll down to read our

    Frequently asked questions

  • Investment

    This training can be seen as an investment in yourself and your future life. The choice to follow the training often has to do with allowing yourself to give this course, energy and time to yourself. That is why this is also an important first step on the new path 💛.

    Ready to start the path?

    Choose your investment...

    • 379 excl. vat (21%) for companies, including invoice = 459
    • 329 excl. vat (21%) for individuals = 399
    • 288 excl. vat (21%) for students or in case of difficulties* =349

    *If you have financial difficulties or you are a student, you can participate at the reduced rate. You make your own responsible choice in this decision and you can indicate this in the registration form.


    If the price is still too high for you given your circumstances, and you have a great motivation to participate, you can always send an email to info@alotusseed.org - we can see together what is possible.


    What is included?

    • 8 sessions with meditation, exercises, reflections and theoretical context (one session is online)
    • weekly mail with summary online syllabus and audio meditations to practice at home 
    • a different relationship with your mind, body, stress and emotions 
    • a community of like-minded people :) 

    Do not forget to apply beneath...

  • Interest in participation A Lotus Seed training

    - Application

    Participation is only possible after application.

    After application you will be updated with all practical information including exact dates and hours.

    Any questions or doubts?

    Mail on info@alotuseed.org or send a message on whatsapp +32478135069


  • Can't participate now but don't want to miss a thing?

    Write down your name, email and preference of city
    and we will keep you informed!
    - Alternatively you could join the Open Mind Retreat end of September -

  • Still unsure if it's something for you?


    Send a message on whatsapp +32478135069 or send an email to info@alotusseed.org

    - or read our



    What is mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is a special form of paying attention, intentional, in the moment, curious and without judgment. But mindfulness is also much more than that. In this training we go deeper. If we learn to observe, without going into the content of what we observe, something special happens. The path becomes clearer, no longer clouded by the monkey mind. We gain insights about ourselves, we communicate with our subconscious, get to know our patterns of thinking and doing, ....


    Why should I follow a mindfulness training?

    You don't have to do anything but if you ask my opinion....:)....

    It is an essential skill to handle your attention and internal and external stimuli differently. Something we never learned at school - but perhaps much more valuable than the diploma you have in your pocket. We learn to deal with thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. We learn to distinguish between interpretations and actual observations, and between situations and emotions. We learn to train our attention in concentration, gratitude, wonder, and creativity.

    What does a session look like?

    We always start with a meditation or exercise to arrive in the here and now, and to dive into 'experience'. After the practice, certain types of questions are asked to the group about the experience - you always choose whether you want to share something or not (you don't have to share anything if you don't want to). From this reflection insights come about yourself - insights that are then explained on the basis of a theoretical framework to better understand how thoughts, emotions and body are connected to each other. Sometimes there are different exercises during one session. After the session you will receive an email with booklet and meditations to further practice at home what we discussed during the session.


    Should I already have experience with meditation?

    No, you are welcome without any experience. The group usually consists of a mix of people who are total beginners and people who already have some experience but would like to deepen their practice. Everyone gets out of what he / she needs right now in life, and going through the training is a unique adventure for everyone.

    Do I have to sit cross-legged on the floor to meditate? No - you don't have to. You might as well sit on a chair, or in the sofa. We'll also do some lying meditations.


    Do I have to bring anything?

    You will receive an email with all practical details after registration. You don't need to wear special clothing and you can always choose whether you want to sit on a mat and meditation cushion or on a chair. If the first one, you can bring your mat and pillow with you.


    What if I cannot attend one or more sessions?

    The syllabus and audio material are designed in such a way that you can still follow the week.


    Missing one or two sessions without catching up is okay if you can follow along with the syllabus and the audio. If you will be absent for 3 or more sessions, it is best to follow the training later.

    Are rituals or religious symbols involved? Do I have to 'believe' something?

    No. This practice is not a religion but an investigation into mind and body. You don't have to believe anything! The intention is that you go on an investigation - and see if what is being told is right for you.


    I doubt if it is something for me because I am afraid it would be too floaty ....

    Look, I understand where the question comes from. You want to know what's in it for you and also why something works. You may have done a meditation once or mindfulness session somewhere and the approach may have been different. Not all courses and trainers are the same. You can trust that this mindfulness training is given in a very sober and grounded way. We also make the link with neuropsychology and experience firsthand what mindfulness is.

  • A Lotus Seed in the news


    Publico, RTP, Time Out Lisboa


    Time Out Lisboa and newspaper Publico documented A Lotus Seed events with an article about meditation. And also RTP made a reportage about Meditation in the park in Lisbon.

    This session was part of a series of meditations in the parks of Gent, Brussels and Lisbon in summer.


    Goed Gevoel, Liberale Mutualiteit

    Melanie described her first Lotus Seed retreat experience in a Belgian Lifestyle Magazine 'Goed Gevoel'. Another article points to the benefits of mindfulness and the retreat.

    A health fund in Belgium (Liberale Mutualiteit) found it was time to introduce its members to mindfulness too.

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Gegevens inzien, aanpassen of verwijderen 
Je hebt het recht om je persoonsgegevens in te zien, te corrigeren of te verwijderen. Daarnaast heb je het recht om je eventuele toestemming voor de gegevensverwerking in te trekken of bezwaar te maken tegen de verwerking van jouw persoonsgegevens door A Lotus Seed en heb je het recht op gegevensoverdraagbaarheid. Dat betekent dat je bij ons een verzoek kan indienen om de persoonsgegevens die wij van jou beschikken in een computerbestand naar jou of een ander, door jou genoemde organisatie, te sturen. 

Je kunt een verzoek tot inzage, correctie, verwijdering, gegevensoverdraging van je persoonsgegevens of verzoek tot intrekking van je toestemming of bezwaar op de verwerking van jouw persoonsgegevens sturen naar info@alotusseed.org.

Om er zeker van te zijn dat het verzoek tot inzage door jou is gedaan, vragen wij jou een kopie van je identiteitsbewijs met het verzoek mee te sturen. Maak in deze kopie je pasfoto, paspoortnummer en rijksregisternummer zwart. Dit ter bescherming van je privacy. We reageren zo snel mogelijk, maar binnen vier weken, op jouw verzoek .

Hoe wij persoonsgegevens beveiligen
A Lotus Seed neemt de bescherming van jouw gegevens serieus en neemt passende maatregelen om misbruik, verlies, onbevoegde toegang, ongewenste openbaarmaking en ongeoorloofde wijziging tegen te gaan. Als jij het idee hebt dat jouw gegevens toch niet goed beveiligd zijn of er aanwijzingen zijn van misbruik, neem dan contact op via info@alotusseed.org

Bedankt voor het vertrouwen, 
A Lotus Seed.