• Informed consent

    A Lotus Seed Retreat

    We ask you to read this with attention. We value a positive group atmosphere with respect and trust. A mindfulness retreat is a skills training, it is not a therapy group. Because it is training that also has an impact on mind, body and brain, it is important for us and for you to be aware of your physical and mental health. We therefore ask that you do not leave out important information in the registration form and that everything is as complete as possible. Thank you 💛 🙏

    Informed consent


    While attending A Lotus Seed Retreat, your well-being and safety is important to us.
    The team is there to facilitate only. We ask you to monitor your own physical and
    emotional wellbeing during our events. By attending any of our events, you agree by
    the below statements:
    I am participating to a Lotus Seed Retreat and the program of my own free will and
    accept total responsibility for my physical and emotional wellbeing at all times.
    I am in good state emotional, mental and physical health. I am fully
    responsible for all the emotions that I bring to any of the events.
    • I am not under the influence of any drugs, medication or alcohol. If I am taking
    medication, I declare that I have informed A Lotus Seed organization in written
    through the sign-up form. I declare I will not discontinue the
    medication treatment before, during or after the retreat. I have been seen by a
    medical practitioner and have been advised that my participation in A Lotus
    Seed Retreat, will not cause me harm of any way (to myself or anyone else).
    • I understand that A Lotus Seed Retreat and the mindfulness-compassion-yoga
    program is not a substitute for psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis, and
    treatment of any type. Always seek the advice of your physician or other
    qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding a
    medical or mental condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or
    delay in seeking it because of something you have read on our site, articles,
    email or during any of our events.
    • I take full responsibility for seeking medical treatment, counseling or psychotherapy
    at my own cost for any emotional issues that arise during or after the event.
    • I know that the program on the retreat is a skills-training in meditation, positive
    psychology, compassion, and mindfulness techniques and yoga. I understand
    that in case I feel the inability, or I think that it is not advisable, to make use of
    the techniques or exercises in this training program, I can simply decide to
    dispense or not participate to the exercises. I understand that I cannot put A
    Lotus Seed, or the trainers, accountable for any negative consequences.
    • If at any time during the event you become distressed and emotionally
    overwhelmed, I will inform one of the facilitators and leave the room if I feel the
    We are all here to learn more about holistic healing together as a team, and we will
    encourage each other to create an environment conducive to learning. To have a
    constructive and useful outcome to our events (classes/ retreats), I will work
    with the group to achieve that.
    • I will do my best to be honest and true to self and others. I will be non-judgmental
    when commenting, have respect for my own and other experiences, needs and
    priorities and expect the same in return.
    • I will express any issues or concerns that I have about the event (course/ retreat),
    content or processes to the team members rather than keeping silent or only
    talking to other participants.
    • The personal feelings expressed by others in the event (course/ retreat) are kept in
    confidence. It is crucial that you maintain the confidentiality hence:
    • Any information that is discussed by the group is kept private.
    • I will not directly or indirectly communicate or disclose in writing or orally or
    in any other manner, any information that is stated by another member
    of the group during or after the event.
    • I will always talk from the first person from ‘I and my’ during sharing
    experience and discussion.
    • I will use the information presented during this event to assist me in creating
    change in my life and for no other purpose and I am responsible for decisions
    made or action taken to implement such information, mentoring or guidance.
    I informed A Lotus Seed and the team members in advance in case that I have a special diet. I
    understand that A Lotus Seed will not assume any liability for
    adverse reaction to foods consumed.
    I understand that the course materials provided (booklet, audio mp3’s) are free to download for
    my own purpose. I understand it is not allowed to use any of these materials/texts/audio outside
    of private use, or distribute, share or send it to others.
    Retreat package and Insurance
    The package price for the entire retreat includes the entire program tuition (classes
    and yoga), and accommodation for the entire duration of the retreat.
    The price does not include transportation and transfers to and from the retreat as well
    as travel insurances of any kind. Since flights, trains and car rentals are not
    included in the price, a personal travel insurance is necessary.
    I understand that A Lotus Seed, or its facilitators and trainers, cannot be liable for any
    accidents or injuries, or damages, of any kind, which can occur during A
    Lotus Seed Retreat.
    I understand that A Lotus Seed is no travel agency and I will
    therefore ensure to have my own travel insurances. I became aware of the cancellation policies
    on the site.
    * * * *
    I agree with the policy statement of A Lotus Seed: http://www.alotusseed.org?open=privacy-policy
    I understand that in case of questions I can always contact:
    +32478135069 (whatsapp)
    I have read, understood and agreed with everything that has been written.
    I want to join! 🙂