• Informed consent

    We ask you to read this with attention. We value a positive group atmosphere with respect and trust. A mindfulness training is a skills training, it is not a therapy group. Because it is training that also has an impact on mind, body and brain, it is important for us and for you to be aware of your physical and mental health. We therefore ask that you do not leave out important information in the registration form and that everything is as complete as possible. Thank you 💛 🙏


    I understand that this 8 week mindfulness training from A Lotus Seed is a group training and that we will learn together about mindfulness, meditation, yoga, cognitive and behavioral psychology ...


    I understand that my training also requires a certain effort to participate in the sessions and to do the exercises at home.


    I commit myself to contribute to a constructive and positive group atmosphere that is supportive and motivating for the group to learn and practice. This means that I let others speak, also let them speak and listen carefully without judgment.


    This also means that I respect the trust and safety in the group and do not communicate to others outside this group what is personally discussed among participants and in the group.


    I understand that this training is a skills training and is not a therapy or substitute for psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


    I commit myself to always follow the doctor's advice. I understand that I can decide at any time not to participate in an exercise.


    I declare that I have not omitted anything in my registration form that may be important for my participation in the training, such as my mental, or physical condition, or the medication I take.


    I keep A Lotus Seed informed if I change my medication in dose, or type, during training.


    I understand that I can not hold A Lotus Seed or the trainer responsible for any consequence resulting from my participation in this training.


    I also undertake not to use the material used in the training (syllabus and audio) for purposes other than for my own practice and not to share it with third parties.


    I understand that my place in the training is only insured after payment of my registration fee.


    (A Lotus Seed can always cancel your participation if the training is full or we believe that your participation is currently not beneficial for your health. You will then receive the full registration fee in return.)


    I understand that I can no longer cancel, or move to another training, after the start of the training.


    I understand that I can catch up to 3 sessions in a different training.


    I agree with the following cancellation policy if I cancel my paid registration before the start of the training: - 50 euros administrative costs

    - after start: no cancellation possible


    I agree with the policy statement of A Lotus Seed: http://www.alotusseed.org?open=privacy-policy


    I understand that in case of questions I can always contact:


    +32478135069 (whatsapp)


    I want to join! :)

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