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A seed of compassion...

Yesterday evening I received flowers from a participant. A very kind gesture. It was the last session. One in which we do my favorite meditation: loving kindness.

A meditation in which you send loving wishes to yourself and others, including a person with which you have difficulties. Sending wishes of joy, happiness, protection, safety, health… to someone who has hurt you deeply is not always easy. But it’s oh so worth it.

Ego and storylines disappear. Your heart opens slowly, until your wishes become genuine and real. Your energy changes, and you become free. Perhaps not after the first meditation. But something surely start to happen after practicing a while.

However, this being free doesn’t necessarily have to mean you agree with that person, accepting his/her behavior or minimizing your own feeling. But you are freed of negative energy towards that person. Your empathy increases, without letting your values slide away. Letting go can only happen when we are free, in line with our values and integrity.

For some this might some a bit vague. Wishes. Heart. Freedom. Yet, it is less vague than it sounds. There are a lot of things changing in your brain and body. For those who want to read more about it, Google is our best friend: compassion meditation brain science.

The participant also brought a pot. With a little seed in it. ‘To remind myself that a seed was planted.. and that time and practice will let it grow’, she said. How cool is that (and she didn’t even know about A Lotus Seed)! :-)

A lotus seed for you,


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