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    Why meditation is not about pursuing positive effects (alone) Partly as a result of the research, we have come to recognise the positive effects of meditation. We talk about inner peace, compassion and happiness. We talk about the lowered blood pressure, the changes in the brain, and the...
    The middle way. #Meditationmyths #Serie #Part1 The middle way in Buddhism is often referred to as the balance - so neither a total rennouncement nor a total attachment. This could be in dealing with sensory pleaures, perceptions, opinions, desires, feelings, the self, desires ... A lot of...
    The mind is like water. When it's turbulent, it's difficult to see. When it's calm, everything becomes clear. One of the misconceptions of meditation is that we need to strive for a calm state of mind. A turbulent state of mind seems bad, something to get rid of. Meditation would be able to do...
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    On Portuguese news

    Publico, RTP, Time Out Lisboa

    Time Out Lisboa and newspaper Publico documented A Lotus Seed events with an article about meditation. And also RTP made a reportage about Meditation in the park in Lisbon.

    This session was part of a series of meditations in the parks of Gent, Brussels and Lisbon in summer.

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    Belgian Magazine Mingle

    Goed Gevoel, Liberale Mutualiteit

    Melanie described her first Lotus Seed retreat experience in a Belgian Lifestyle Magazine 'Goed Gevoel'.

    Liberale Mutualiteit (a health fund in Belgium) found it was time to introduce its members to mindfulness too - read here more here on p. 14 and 15.

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